Getting Real: Big Ten Growing

Since you left work, Jim Delany got busy...I mean he was busy looking to move his plan of expansion forward. There are a couple of different scenarios that might be playing themselves out, but the one definite is that Mizzou and Nebraska have been invited to the party.

Notre Dame, sadly, has once-again been asked to join the conference, it seems. And while it makes sense as they're right in the center of the geographical conference, they play quite a few BT schools already in football, they love money just like Jim D, and their struggle for independence might get really difficult as the dominoes start falling, I say screw 'em. At this point, they need the BT a lot more than the soon-to-be Super Conference needs them. But no matter, the die is cast...again.

The Chinese Proverb, "Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me." Is playing in my head right now...what about a third time of being fooled?

I've said this all along- I think the main parts of this equation have known for months what was coming...I think the UND portion of this plan is all based on peer pressure- I don't care if they succumb or not.

These reports have already been denied. I don't know if I believe that means nothing just means no one's talking (yet).
Thanks to BS reader, Michael R. for the heads up.

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