Hello, old friend.

Many of you have kept up with the near-mythological status of ex-Purdue basketball player, "Mat" on basketbawlful.com's segment "Livin' Large". But, MTD is not only alive in the folklore of the interwebnets, but also is one bad dude when it comes to the not-so-sweet science...or at least he's a novelty that sells tickets. Check it out for yourself:

Sure, he's changed is name, by using his full-name...but he's still the same guy that many of us got to know and love on campus around 12 years ago...but now, his extremely-large bike has been replaced with all-black fighting shoes as his preferred-form of transportation.

While I don't remember him as much of a fighter, the footwork takes me back to his exploits on Mackey's hardwood.

(thanks to my pal Kaz, for the heads up on this!)

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