Hey, Remember That Awful Big Ten Officiating?

Remember back in November when Purdue fans felt as though the officiating kind of hosed them in the game against Penn State? It was mentioned here by Boilerdowd and not in a gentle way:

"This Big Ten officiating crew needs to either be investigated or at minimum get sent back to officiating school for a refresher. They flat-out missed a lot of calls and didn't seem to understand the rules during important situations."

Then the following week, there were questionable calls in Illinois' victory over OSU. Turns out, if you don't know by now, that the same crew called that game and that crew included Stephen Pamon. Pamon has a history of being a complete douchebag, sexual assaulting a stepdaughter, beating other stepchildren with electrical cords, and running up gambling debts to the point of bankruptcy. No, really, I didn't make any of that up. Read the story.

Sounds like a completely class act who should definitely be involved with college athletics.


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