Imagine If This Happened To Ferris Bueller

In case you hadn't seen it, Eddie Griffin (loosely known as a comedian) was driving a $1.5 million Ferrari Enzo in preparation for a movie role when he lost control yesterday and wrecked the extraordinarily rare car.

The owner of the car was Daniel Sadek, who is the executive producer of the film called Redline, which one imagines Griffen might have been doing at the time he lost control.

Griffin was okay but the best part of this story, to me, is the quote from Sadek about learning of his prized Ferrari being destroyed:

"I'm glad Eddie came out of the crash OK, but my dream car got destroyed," Sadek said. "I went to my trailer for about 15 minutes and I thought, there's people dying every day. A lot of worse things are happening in the world."

It sort of makes me wonder if Sadek was going over scenarios in his head wherein the Ferrari could have come out okay but Griffin could have been destroyed. I mean, you put the guy in your 1-of-400-ever car, dude! And then you put him on a racetrack. Actual race-car drivers have accidents with some degree of regularity but I guess he figured actors might have had a better, uh, track record, so to speak.

Here we go again...

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