The Buckeye Battle Cry Steps By To Talk To A First Place Team's Fans

We had the opportunity to do an old-fashioned blogger exchange of questions with the Buckeye Battle Cry and, while we don't usually stoop to speak with programs beneath ours in the standings, we made an exception for the fine gentlemen at the BBC.

Okay, okay, that's an exaggeration... they aren't really gentlemen. Hey-yo!

Anyway, below are our questions and their answers. Mosey on over to their page to see our responses to their questions. Thanks to MaliBuckeye for the responses and effort setting things up.

1) The first place Boilermakers are coming to town this weekend. Is all of Columbus a-scared?

It's really hard to tell, with all the pitchforks and torches being lugged around campus after the Wisconsin Debacle (slogan copywrite pending). It could be that Buckeye Nation is preoccupied a bit and hasn't yet learned of their impending doom.

Seriously, Purdue's having a great season, and the alumni will get to see yet another amazing Big T1en clash on Homecoming weekend. 
2) Do you think there is any chance at all that the Buckeyes lose this weekend? We're of the opinion that Tressel is the kind of coach who will remind these guys all week that they lost to Purdue last year.

There's a theory that The Senator has an evil counterpart that loves revenge- look at the ways that Ohio State has run the score up on Northwestern after the 2004 upset. So, yup, I think the Buckeyes will be focused.

However, the Boilermakers could be squaring off against a defense full of cadavers if the injury bug continues. It would be unwise, however, to think that the Buckeyes' "Morgue Package" is anywhere near as bad as what they're throwing on the field at Mich1gAAn.  So that's a possibility that Henry could take advantage of, in addition to the fact that Purdue ALWAYS plays Ohio State tough; they're coached up well.
3) Did it concern you last year when Terelle Pryor said the Purdue defense showed him things he hadn't seen before? Do you worry about Ryan Kerrigan manhandling him again? Or not so much?

As limited as his mobility has been since Illinois, and as all-world as JJ Watt was made to look by our offensive line, it's definitely not out of the question.

However, I think we've got a couple of things that may help- we have a fullback that loves to hit people, and have involved our TE into the quick passing game, so there may not be time to tee off, as it were.
4) Seriously, what's it like to be looking up in the standings at Purdue?

We're just as shocked as you.  I mean, it usually doesn't happen unless the Big T1e1n decides to start the preseason standings in reverse alphabetical order.

Hang on, I need to re-light my torch.
5) You're our Big Ten brethren... so tell me, if a big QB with a poor throwing motion accounted for four TDs in one game (as Rob Henry did last weekend) and played in the SEC, wouldn't he be getting Heisman talk? (Note, we're not suggesting Henry should get any such talk... just that his four TD game was barely noticed. Wouldn't be that way if it happened at, say, Florida, right?)

Man, no kidding. The SEC was bad enough before they joined forces with ESECPN. The problem with Henry getting the recognition that he deserves is that there wasn't anyone who had their scholarship revoked in order to get him playing time. I guess that's what it must take...

Although it may not be just an SEC thing- there's a certain undersized QB with a terrible throwing motion who racked up big yardage against underwhelming competition, and he certainly had a ton of Heisman hype.  Perhaps Rob doesn't get the love because he's smart enough to know how to tie his shoes?
6) Do you guys (and the fanbase in general) view Purdue as a "should-be-win" or as a dangerous little animal?

It depends on which fanbase you ask. There are those that think we should beat everyone 100-0, unless they are coached by one Mike Ditka.   There are others, though, that are still sweating a three score game with under two minutes to go. John Cooper was hard on a lot of us.

St. Woody of the Sidelines would want us to focus on the game at hand, and Senator Tressel carries on in that tradition.  So, I'm going with "valiant foe that should not be overlooked under any circumstances", especially after last weekend.

Thanks again to the BBC for having a sense of humor and going with our nonsense.

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