Making Fun of Notre Dame Never Gets Old

A little while back, when I had a few minutes to sift through our thousands* of fan emails, I came across a simply brilliant and hilarious mpg that I was neglectful in sharing and now it's all over the interwebs. Nevertheless, I feel it's worth sharing here.

Speaking of toasting Notre Dame's delusional "supporters," I found this entry over at our friends Her Loyal Sons kind of entertaining:

"Well, here it is: The Rivalry for Notre Dame Football. Notre Dame/SoCal. It’s the greatest rivalry in sports. Shut up, Red Sox Fans. I’m pulling for Manny as much as the next obsessive compulsive that’s ever taken the T to Fenway, but let’s face it: Red Sox/Yankees ain’t got nuthin’ on this.

ND being 1-6 and SoCal having lost to Stanford doesn’t do anything to reduce the importance of this game for the 2 institutions, but I find it fitting that the least “hyped” ND/SoCal game in quite a while comes along on a week where I’ve personally been so busy that I’ve barely even had time to notice the BCS Darling, South Florida,
lost last night."

Wow. Anytime I need an example of material to poke fun at, all I need to do is head over there and look a the outright and over-the-top arrogance. I mean, good for them for being confident and proud. Bad for them that they're delusional.

The "greatest rivalry in sports"? It's not even the greatest rivalry in college football! One-sided "rivalries" are rarely any fun, boys, and as I've tried to explain before, USC doesn't see the Domers as a "rival" -- they seem them as a nuisance. A trip to the barren plains of northern Indiana, where the plane ride is far more dangerous than the competition.

I also like how the author managed to throw in a shot at South Florida as being "BCS darlings" -- whatever that means -- and sort of take delight in their loss. That's all well and good, but South Florida is 6-1 now. Where does an ND fan get off mocking them? I don't follow. And talk about the pot calling the kettle black! This is more like the pot and the kettle teaming up to call outer space black! Hasn't Notre Dame been the "darling" that gets undeserved invites to bowl games it has no business being in, and then proves it has no business being there by getting waxed by a real program?

My final shot at ND for today will be to encourage you all to buy one of the books explaining the greatness of Charlie Weis.

While perusing today, I saw a little blurb down on the lower right corner of Notre Dame's page plugging The New Gold Standard: Charlie Weis and Notre Dame's Rise to Glory. I can only assume this is either a work of fiction or some kind of Carnac prognostication. But as guffaw-worthy as the title is, check out the "description" on Amazon:

From the most storied school in college football history . . .The Gold Standard -- abandoned by most of the world in the 1930s -- has been an article of faith in South Bend, Indiana, for almost a century. Mere winning records and second-tier bowl games? Not good enough for Fighting Irish fans. No college football program has produced more national championships, more All-Americans, and more Heisman Trophy winners than Notre Dame. But recently, not so much: no national championship since 1988, only one All-American since 1994, and a combined 11-12 record in the 2003-2004 seasons. So out went Tyrone Willingham, fired just three years into a five-year contract, the first Irish coach ever to be dismissed before the end of his deal. In came Charlie Weis, a forty-nine-year-old Notre Dame grad with no head coaching experience but four Super Bowl rings as an assistant coach. Weis proved, in the space of a single season, to be a football maestro with a hard edge, a brilliant mind, an affinity for detail, and an uncanny sense of how to motivate people. He returned a program mired in the blahs to its rightful (and historic) place among college football's elite. This book takes you inside a season unlike any other in Fighting Irish history -- and inside Weis's master plan for restoring the Gold Standard in South Bend.

I wonder if that "master plan" included a 1-7 start to 2007? And what is the "Gold Standard"? Having a white coach? I'm just trying to understand. And their "rightful" place among college football's "elite"? I think I just vomited a little bit. (Note that The Gold Standard's price has been reduced.)

Speaking of Notre Dame/Charlie Weis books with reduced pricing, check this one out! No Excuses One Man's Incredible Rise Through the NFL to Head Coach of Notre Dame (Paper Champions). Oh, I'm sorry -- that actually said "Paperback." My bad.

I also love the last line of the book description for that one: "Weis has been hailed as a coaching genius, credited with turning around Notre Dame's legendary–but–flailing football team."

Yes, turning them around. All the way around. From flailing to winning (with Ty Willingham's players) to flailing again. Only now they're flailing at legendary and rarely before seen at ND levels.

*May be an exaggeration.

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