History Made In The Bracket Extravaganza

Well, you should all be really ashamed of yourselves. Not only did you lose the bracket extravaganza, you lost to a girl. A girl who has watched less college basketball than my 15-month-old. Yes, the winner of the BS Bracket Extravaganza is none other than my lovely wife.

Sure, when she filled out her bracket and had UConn winning it all, I scoffed at her. However, she wound up better than 97.2% of the six million brackets filled out on ESPN.com. So there's that.

For her skills, she wins a guest post on the site, an appearance on the Handsome Hour and to sleep with me. (Would have been really awkward if Boilerdowd's wife had won.)

We'll definitely let you know when to expect her brilliance to infiltrate the site.

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