The Bar Continues to Rise: SI Has Boilers at #5

In the Sports Illustrated that will be hitting your mailbox this week, they've decided that the only teams in the country better than our Boilermakers are UNC, UConn, UCLA and Louisville.

Yep, that's right, they have our boys at the fifth spot in the nation (followed by Notre Dame, interestingly). Curiously, I don't see IU in the top 20. Huh.

The preview actually focuses on your favorite nuisance and mine, Chris Kramer. An interesting factoid from the preview is as follows:

"[Kramer] suffers from a condition known as compartment syndrome, which causes high pressure levels in muscle tissue. Two times he had to undergo surgery for it in 2007, and the seven-inch scars on each of his shins are a reminder of that. While he would prefer not to have them, he admits that the scars 'do fit my identity.'"

Where have I been? Did you all know about this condition he has? I didn't. How long have I been asleep?

While all of these heightened expectations leave us very little place to go but down, it's still a nice place to be.... and when I look at the starting lineup and see that there isn't a senior on the list, I get kind of giddy thinking about how good this team is going to be next year. But I shouldn't get ahead of myself.

There's a Final Four to get to this season first.

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