And So It Is Written: No Bowl For Boilermakers

The resident college football geniuses, Mark Schlabach and Bruce Feldman (seriously), have posted their bowl game predictions for the upcoming college football season and the Purdue Boilermakers are no where to be found.

I'm not sure if this is more dumb or less dumb than when Sports Illustrated tries to predict the NCAA basketball tournament bracket, but it's definitely a close footrace.

It's hard enough to predict who's going to be good. It's got to be absolutely mind-numbing to have to predict who is going to be mediocre enough to go to the Bowl (West Virginia versus Arkansas, according to Schlabach or Cinci vs. Michigan, as per Feldman -- jiminy christmas, they can't even agree on two teams for this?).

The best part of this, though, was spotted by eagle-eyed Deadspin readers, who caught that for a little while, Feldman had brazenly predicted the Florida Atlantic Owls to be in the title game against Texas.

Hey, if the Florida Atlantic Owls can make it, so can we.

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