If Purdue rolls and no one can see it, does it actually happen?

At BS, we want to give hard-hitting, street-level looks at the games that matter to Purdue fans...Games like the exhibition contest versus Cal Pennsylvania. Since our capable staff wasn't able to witness the game, one of Purdue's finest and a BS regular has helped out.

Here's what he had to say:

This is Paul, aka drive2fast, aka irish cowboy.... yeah, so anyway, I attended the exhibition game tonight and was very, very impressed with several things:

1. There were more people there than I remember from last year's exhibition opener, but I guess being #7 in the country does that.

2. When the starters were on the floor they just made it look too easy.

3. Keaton Grant definitely seems to have his touch back.

4. Patrick Bade certainly looks like he's got a B10 body, but he did struggle through most of the game. He may take a while to get adjusted. I'd consider him the most likely of Bade, Byrd, and Barlow to get a redshirt, but maybe not if he proves he can rebound.

5. We should have rebounded better. (Hopefully this isn't repeated after
every game this season)

6. The freshmen all made freshmen mistakes, but that's ok, they're freshmen. I personally thought they looked more comfortable than I remember JJ, Hummel, and Smooge looking in their first game. Physically they all looked pretty strong.

7. DJ Byrd is ready to go. He was ready to go the second he subbed in. The paint crew flaps their arms for him and I think that's going to become something signature and frequent in the next 4 years.

8. Kelsey Barlow can defend pretty well and looks like he has a lot of potential offensively as well.

9. John Hart is a solid 6th/7th man with really good speed and defense.

10. Sandi Marcius, at least from far away, looks like he might even be a hair taller than JJ, but maybe that's just the boot he's wearing.

Those are my thoughts, figured I'd share them in case none of you guys made it in person.

Boiler Up!


And while I don't know if I agree with the idea that Bade will be redshirted...simply because of frontcourt need, differences in opinion make the world go round and really are the main reason we all meet here at BS. Thanks, Paul!

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