Indy Gets Super Bowl -- Steak-N-Shake to Provide Locker Room Buffets

In a fortuitous turn of events for the city of Indianapolis, they beat out Arizona and will host the 2012 Super Bowl at LucasOil Stadium. I was going to let Boilerdowd post about this but he's been traveling and is sleepy.

There's been some mini-debate here in the comments of the Ashley Force post about whether this is good for the city or not. And there's considerable debate around the Intertubes about this as well.

So dear readers, weigh in please. Is this good for Indy? Is it bad for Indy? Is it good for fans attending the Super Bowl? Will the Colts have a legit shot at being the first host city team to make the Super Bowl with Peyton approaching 36 years of age?

I tend to think Indy is a nice city but not particularly well-suited to host a Super Bowl in February. Kind of brutal in the midwest in February.

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