Wade Phillips Is Getting His Finger Ready

I love it.

Living here in Texas now, I get to hear the arrogance of fans of teams like the University of Texas, Texas A&M and, of course, the Dallas Cowboys.

When the Cowgirls lost to the Giants last year in the playoffs, I think most of Dallas called out of work the next day. They were literally in a city-wide state of depression. The Super Bowl was rightfully theirs, dammit! And those creeps from the North stole it from them! It was supposed to be the 'boys and the Pack in the NFC title game, just like God, Peter King and Chris Berman wanted it.

Regardless, today there's an article out of Dallas about how Coach Wade Phillips (0-2 in the playoffs with the Cowboys) commented that this is their year and to "Get your ring finger ready."

Now, clearly, this is taken somewhat out of context, as there cannot be any way Phillips is this arrogant and/or stupid. When your team has stumbled as a favorite in the playoffs two years in a row and hasn't won a playoff game since 1996, your best course of action is to be humble.

But anyway, thought I'd share with you how last season went for the Cowboys as they sized up their rings at that time...

Oh, hey, look... there's the Giants celebrating as they won the game over the Cowboys, in Dallas.

Hey, there's Eli Manning and Amani Toomer exiting the field in Dallas victorious over the almighty Cowboys. Hey, did you know that Eli Manning has won a Super Bowl now and Tony Romo hasn't ever even won a single, lonesome playoff game?

Hey, look, there's Eli Manning, Super Bowl MVP for the Super Bowl Champion New York Giants.

Yeah, Dallas, you get your fingers ready. And when they're nice and ready, I'll tell you where you can stick them.

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