This Was Only Three Months Ago

October wasn't very long ago, and in case you'd forgotten, October was kind of marginally awesome. It was Fall, squirrels were eating nuts, Joe Tiller was aggressively on the job and Purdue was actually winning football games and building a good record.

Those of you familiar with YouTube or Spoilermaker probably already know where I'm going with this. If you're unaware, stop reading us and go to one of those locations this instant, because you will find some of the greatest Boilermaker highlights on the entire Internet.

But I digress. Here is an awesome, awesome highlight reel of Purdue running over Iowa while Lispy McDomer talks about how good Iowa's defense is... uhhh, what?

Two words of warning, though. 1) the video isn't really that good and it features Mark May. 2) This video may not be safe for the easily emotional or Hawkeye fans. If you don't get a lump in your throat watching Joe Tiller's laserbeam focus early in the highlight when he has his hands on his knees.... why, you're not even human.

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