How You Found Us

After the headline I chose for the Purdue over BSU victory post, a ready suggested I share some of the keywords people used to stumble upon Boiled Sports. I like this idea, as I enjoy checking out those kinds of site statistics but rarely set aside any time to do it.

So today I'll share a no particular order.

"Sexy Santa" -- It's kind of incredible that someone would come to our site looking for a sexy santa, but the user was navigating through Bing. You know Bing...that newfangled search engine that's supposedly better at finding what we're looking for. "Ooh, look at me, I don't use Google like the rest of you.... I'm an early adapter!"

Hope you like what you found here, pervert.

"Dorien Bryant gay" -- Well, there's an angle we never covered. I'm almost sure of it. We may have talked about his inabilty to hold onto BALLS and his generally weak HANDS.... ohh, wait. Honest mistake, I bet. Sorry, Dorien.

"Brady Quinn pictures crotch" -- Look, you're entitled to search for whatever you want. It's always nice to think about the amount of work we put into this site and then see people are visiting it looking for photos of Brady Quinn's junk.

"Brett Favre Boiled Sports" -- This one is interesting to me, because someone pointedly searched on those two terms together. Maybe someone told Brett we don't like him and he decided to figger out what this blogthing is all about. Gawrsh.

"SEIU" -- Turns out Boilerdowd's not the only one who can't spell.

So far, nothing on having your balls stepped on. Maybe fewer guys out there have that problem. I, on the other hand..... well, never mind.

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