Let BS Provide You a Ticket to the Heart of Dallas Bowl

On January 1, our Boilers will take part in the Heart of Dallas Bowl versus the Oklahoma State Grown Men Who Are Over 40 in the Cotton Bowl in Dallas, Texas.

The kind folks at the Heart of Dallas Bowl have made some general admission tickets available to us and so we're going to give those away this week. How are we going to give them away? Well, by judging your sad story of need and how you can't afford exorbitant (not really) bowl game tickets. No, not really... actually, we're thinking of making it fun and putting together a few trivia questions and then giving the tickets away to the correct answers.

So here's the deal. Starting Wednesday at 12 Noon (Eastern), a post will appear here with a Purdue-related trivia question in it. The first two correct answers emailed to BS (not in the comments) will be awarded with a pair of tickets each.

Yes, you'd still have to get there yourself. But I know there are a fair number of Texan Boilermakers and I also know the Boilermaker Special is bring driven down to the Lone Star State, so hitching a ride on the cowcatcher shouldn't be a problem.

Tune in Wednesday, Thursday and Friday at 12 noon each day to get a chance at a pair of tickets to the Heart of Dallas Bowl.

If after Friday's contest we still have tickets remaining, we'll put up the BS bat signal and let you know.

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