BS Tourney Challenge -- Still Up For Grabs

It seems like weeks ago that we started the BS Tourney Challenge. Oh, yeah, it was. Since then, the Boilermakers have achieved about what we thought they might, the Big East was anointed the best conference ever by Digger Phelps, and Penn State won a national basketball championship.

And here we are, with just one more college basketball game to go this season. Remember, the winner of the BS Challenge gets a snazzy t-shirt (similar to picture) and the chance to voice themselves on our airwaves (Webwaves?), while second place only gets a t-shirt. Third place gets an ass-grab from Tim. And remember, coffee is for closers.

So where are we? Our leader in the clubhouse -- and winner if UNC wins the whole thing -- is DELA WHERE????, who accurately prognosticated MSU versus UNC in the final game. Nicely done.

Hail Leroy hangs on to second place and will continue to hang on with a UNC win.

But who can derail these two? The top 8 in the standings all have UNC winning and thus will all remain in lockstep if that happens. However, Digger's Stinky Palm and The Bracket have MSU winning it all and, thus, will finish 1-2 if that happens. Interestingly, only about six entries have Sparty winning it all. So either Purdue's blowout over them made people think they didn't have what it takes or everyone began believing the ESPN hype about the Big East.

If you wind up being the winner -- and really, the only two winners can be DELA WHERE???? or Digger's Stinky Palm -- please shoot us a note at so we can correspond and get your guest-spot set up. Your brilliance will be required by early afternoon on Thursday and will be posted Friday morning so start thinking about what to say. It's kind of like the Oscars.

Good luck, all.

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