Do You Think Manny Even Knew The Score?

Manny Ramirez hit another postseason home run last night, but apparently Manny now thinks it's okay to strut and pose and just act like a generally obnoxious douchebag.

He did it twice against the Angels, with one of them being a walk-off, game-ender. One that one, he stood at home plate so long, that when he finally began down the first base line, he was high-fiving teammates from his own dugout who'd made their way to the plate. Think about that for a moment. Usually you don't celebrate with your teammates until you meet them at the plate upon rounding the bases. And I remember being so irritated at that and even a Sox fan friend of mine replied to a text message about it with "He did admire that one a bit, didn't he?"

Well, last night, as the Sawx were getting curb-stomped by the Indians, Boston put together back-to-back-to-back home runs in the sixth inning. And Manny was the third of those three and he did his infuriating posturing act again... while it was 7-3. Then he did a slow-ass trot around the bases and leaped into David Ortiz's arms like they'd just won the pennant.

Manny deserves a baseball into the side of his helmet. Plain and simple. He's now done this every time he's hit a home run in the postseason and maybe he just thinks it's funny but it's obnoxious and classless and you're supposed to act like you've been there before. If it was the regular season and postseason games were not at stake, I definitely think someone would drill him the next time he got up there.

Yes, I hate Boston, but even if you don't, you have to admit Manny is being ridiculous.

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