Second Quarter Play-by-Play/Halftime analysis

Start of 2nd Qtr.

-Direct snap to Span, Werner on tackle; gain of 3

-Power I formation- fullback slides before snap- Span gets close to goal line...1ft line

-3rd Down inside the 1- Span scores after over-powering Williams on the 1

-Point after is good

-Great drive by NIU

-Very short kick- Adams from 17- returned to the Purdue 31

-I formation- Crank at FB- Bolden strung out for loss of 1- NIU saw film of that play

-Elliott rolls left- pass to Valentin, gain of 9

-Elliott in the gun, Bolden on his right- inside draw to Bolden. First down

-Hurry-up Purdue- inside draw to Bolden, gain of 2

-Purdue returns to normal huddle

-Elliott under center, Bolden alone in backfield- draw off left tackle, gain of 4

-Adams wide right w/ Carlos, Elliot scans, ball deflected and caught by Smith in the middle- first down, gain of 6

-Short pass to Adams out in the short right flat, gain of 2

-I formation, play action, Elliott's pocket collapses, scrambles for no gain in heavy traffic on right side

-Purdue 2 of 4 on 3rd 2 of 5. NIU pressured up the middle had Elliott in his grasps when Elliott tried to dump it to Bolden

-Placement punt goes into the endzone- Williams down there to attempt to down it

-NIU will take over on their own 20

-TV timeout- Bolden looked good that drive...NIU packing more and more personnel in the box. Elliott making decisions slowly it seems and NIU pressuring him on almost every passing down.

-We haven't seen any unusual personnel yet on offense

-Single back, Harnish under ctr, draw to Brown for loss of 2...Neal on the tackle

-NIU better out of the 'gun

-5 wide, Harnish looks right, throws to the TE on inside slant to Palmer...Carlino on the stop. 1st down

-Harnish inside read draw, broken tackle (Williams missed tackle & Pender didn't wrap him up)...long touchdown run for Brown- 67 yards.

-Poor Purdue tackling continues to be problematic...should have been a gain of 11 yards.

-Extra point good

NIU exerting their will on Purdue...Miko Brown already has 86 yds rushing, 22 yds receiving...his last run was the longest of his career.

NIU 14

Purdue 7

8:21 in the second as NIU kicks

-Kick out of the back of the endzone

-Purdue takes over at their own 20...

-Strong N to S wind helped that one out of the endzone

-Elliott rolls right, overshoots Lindsay at about 12 yards out

-NIU offsides

-2nd & 5. Read draw to Crank...poor read again by Elliott from the shotgun with Crank on his rt, Bolden on his left. Loss of 1.

-Elliott underneath to Bolden, gain of 5. Purdue to punt.

-Summers will punt from the 10

-NIU getting close to Summers.

-50 yard punt, no return. NIU ball at their 25

-A little chippiness on the play by NIU

-Harnish in the 'gun...inside draw to Span...Harnish got out in front to block. Tackled by Pender after gain of 3

-5-wide for NIU; three right, two left. Harnish's pass a touch behind the TE and dropped. Carlino on the coverage

-3rd and 7 for NIU. Purdue needs the stop.

-Students loud

-Harnish looks deep, overthrown. Pender with Moore down the right sideline...was in very good position to pick it off had the ball been well-thrown.

-Good stop for Boilers

-Purdue gets close to blocking it

-Valentin botches catch..looks like it's NIU ball- it is on the Purdue 35

-This was foreshadowed by Valentin's near-drop on his TD

-NIU players jawing as they leave field

-Harnish under center, Span bounces outside left for a gain of 4...

-NIU getting more space

-Harnish under center- Span bounces around for gain of 2.

-3rd and 4. Harnish again under center, I formation. FB in motion. Neal misses tackle as pocket collapses. Harnish gains 9 and gets 1st down after run to the rt.

-Harnish in 'gun.

-Huge fumble on Spans carry...Purdue recovers.

-Unprofessionalism abounds in box as NIU media grunts and groans

-Purdue on their own 19

-Elliott under center, draw to Bolden for gain of 2

-Elliott fires left, gain of 2

-Elliott under center, rolls right, overshoots Smith at the first down. Purdue gives the ball up on downs again.

-Summer punting from the 8...almost blocked again

-OK punt, no return, 48 w/ roll. Flag down.

It's been a clean game so far- only two flags come to mind.

-NIU on its own 34.

-Harnish sweep to Palmer, gain of 4.

-NIU seems to be able to do what it wants

-Seem route to Cox...a little deep or he might have scored

-Third down. Harnish under center, I formation. Play action, good defense by Williams in traffic; pass was a bit high and away. NIU to punt.

Purdue only down by 7, but it feels like more...NIU moving the ball very well, Purdue unable to get into rhythm on offense.

-NIU punting from their own 21...short punt, Valentin drops the ball. NIU nearly picks it up and runs it into the endzone. Instead, recovers on the 23.

-Harnish under center. Draw to Brown, drags the pile for gain of 5. Tackle by Gooden.

-NIU effective w/ Harnish under ctr.

-Play action, good pressure by Gooden, block picked up by NIU line. Pass completed to Cox on right sideline. First down

-Harnish inside draw to Brown, gain of 1, tackle by McKinley.

-Harnish still under ctr. I formation. Pass off his back foot to TE Cunningham for score.

-The short field was a gift taken advantage of by the Huskies

-NIU has a real Huskie dog that just ran across the endzone w/ cheerleaders

NIU 21

Purdue 7

-Valentin has another good return, this time on a KO...Facemask to be tacked on to the end. Purdue to have excellent field position- on the Purdue 45.5. Little over a minute left

-Elliott in the 'gun. Pass underneath to Bolden...gain of 4

-21 seconds left in the half

-Taylor in the flat....looks like a hold; it is.

-Pass to Smith complete; 3rd and 4 with 7 seconds left

-Elliott tries to pass deep to Carlos; incomplete...Purdue to punt.

-Wiggs will try a 60 yard field goal against the wind.

-Wide right and a bit short


I'm going to do this differently in the second half...hopefully Purdue does as well.

Quick analysis-

-Purdue's offensive line isn't creating enough space on blocking schemes for the run game to be effective.

-Elliott looks inconsistant with his arm and seems to be making decisions slowly.

-Bolden is being keyed on, smartly, by NIU and Purdue coaches aren't changing game plan to react to NIU's packed box.

-Lack of downfield passes is not punishing NIU's aggressive front 7

-Purdue's pressure on defense is late on almost every pass...Harnish is moving outside of the pocket to create lanes and evade rush.

-Harnish in complete control of the game

-The recurring theme of poor tackling once-again badly-hurting Purdue

-Valentin's botched punts more than negate his punt return for a TD...Much like the Oregon game, if you give good teams the chance to capitalize, they usually do.



2 TO

7pts (special teams TD)


247 yds



Purdue very slow out of the tunnel prior to second half...kind of look like a beaten team by their body language.

For the record...

1st Qtr Play-by-Play