Hope Playing Poker with Lightning's Digit

Earlier in the week, we took umbrage as Adam Rittenberg, or one of his interns called out Purdue for not making the quarterbacks available to the media via their Twitter feed. Honestly, we weren't angry with that sentiment, but the idea that Purdue should genuflect at the altar of EsPN and other media outlets all in the name of coverage for lil' tiny Purdue.

Before we dive into that, let me make something clear. As Purdue fans and alums, we absolutely have the right to be pissed when a member of the media condescends about our alma mater. Furthermore, don't we as people have the right be angry about whatever we want? As long as our anger doesn't manifest itself in a way that hurts anyone, how is it their business to tell us how to react to anything, especially something that is "ours"? Regardless of their opinion of what happened earlier in the week, I really don't care. I've lived much of my life with a chip on my shoulder, and I likes it that way.

But the root of the disagreement comes from Danny Hope's choice of not having a quarterback available at the Tuesday presser. I'm not a big fan of the way he controls info...but if it helps him prepare for an opponent in an effective manner, I think that's OK.

The latest from Hope and Co. is that Henry might be able to go, but the trainers and Henry are trying to keep the wound from becoming infected as that would only prolong the recovery. Who knows, other than Rob and the team, what's really going on. But, since there are no NFL-like rules in place, I think it's good for the Coach to play this close to the vest. This game is critical for both teams, so you take every possible advantage at hand.

As many of you have noted, Henry's throwing hand had little to do with the defense's poor play...and I'd surmise that if the defense plays anything like it did versus Ohio State or Toledo in the first half, the offense becomes all but a moot point. Will Lucas was one of the only bright points versus the Bucks. And while he's on the two-deeps, he might be on the field more than some of the starters due to the way he was finishing plays and getting to the ball.

Linebacker and Safety play must be leagues better this week in order for Purdue to expect victory...heck, so must the front four and corner play. You have to go back two decades as a Purdue fan to recall a half of football like what we saw in Columbus for our Boilers. Just as Toledo served as a wake-up call, hopefully the last contest will do the same...it simply must.

I'm not positive if a week is enough to make Sean Robinson comfortable as a starting quarterback or if a laceration to a throwing hand can heal in a matter of 6 days...but Hope, Nord and Landholm must find a way to bring a large amount of improvement and consistency into Purdue's play in order to gameplan in the coming weeks for their opponents. Regardless of the reason for poor play- whether it be injury, youth, lack of depth or poor execution, I think everyone agrees that if a bowl is still a goal, Purdue still has a ton of work left to do.

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