Quick look at practice (Day 2)

Hope looks like he's in mid-season shape already

Two-a-days are still three days away as are full pads for Hope's squad, but the team seems to already be moving forward and adding wrinkles...Day 2 notes:

-The offense ran a no-huddle for 20 minutes...and every offensive player was asked to play faster. Hope mentioned Siller (again) and ATM as a couple guys who made big impressions as they are getting comfortable with what's being asked of them.

-Hope liked what he saw out of Peters Drey as well...thought he made significant improvement from the first day. Also mentioned Foy and Schmeig as guys who are making noise.

-Really likes the quickness of the freshman in the defensive backfield.

-Hope is already gameplanning (kinda) for UND as he thinks the no-huddle offense helps the defense prepare for the rapid fire offensive style Brian Kelly coaches at UND.

-Blitzes and alignments were stressed during today's practice by the defense.

-Robert Marve's build reminds me (in pictures) of Jeromy Masoli at Oregon a bit- he seems solid which hopefully will help Marve evade the blitz as the pocket collapses. Hope reminded everyone that even Drew Brees wasn't perfect in his senior season (he watched the OSU game from 2000 on BTN this week) and says we shouldn't expect anything close to perfection from Marve either...but thinks his leadership style is comparable to Brees' back at the beginning of the decade.

2010 Purdue Football: Game 7

Football players preparing to play football on the football field (and notes)