So much has changed!

Waaaaaaay back on April 7, one of EsPN's geniuses, Andy Katz had Purdue atop his top 25. He spoke of the upper classmen bolstering the team and how Robbie Hummel's knee, IF healthy would be a warm-fuzzy story for the nation to gobble up.


As JJ and Smooge have decided to return, and the docs and coaches are giving nothing but positive news about Rob's surgically-repaired knee, Katz, of course, has Duke jumping over Purdue into the #1 spot. This is because NOTHING changed for K's team since Katz last wrote his last dumb poll. Makes sense...right?

Well, to people out of the know like you and I, it might not seem logical, but to the little voices inside of Andrew's head, it makes complete sense.

Perhaps he's arguing with himself and Purdue can earn back the #1 during the summer with key additions and subtractions of nobody and no breaking news...OR...more likely, mind you, Purdue will be jumped by MSU as the Ostrich starts running, JJ gains 15 pounds of muscle, Smooge works on his first step and we find out the incoming Freshman are in great shape and hungry to get on the court.

Makes perfectly-good sense to it does to keep this boob employed. I guess if he and the network throw everything against the wall, eventually they'll be correct. Just as in his buckshot approach to whom he's "heard" might be joining the BT, eventually, he'll look like the smartest guy in the room...if he just keeps talking/writing.

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