Can We Call Time of Death on UND's Season?

If you're like me (or B-dowd), you've got ESPN on an awful lot at home. So much so, in fact, that it's amazing we're still married. (Not to each other, mind you.)

But what you learn is what constant themes are drummed into the heads of the SportsCenter anchors and other shows "experts." I can't tell you how many times in the past month or so I've heard that Notre Dame "can't afford another loss," or "This might be the crushing blow..."

Might be? Another loss?

Look, UND's basketball season flatlined somewhere during that abomination of a seven-game losing streak that began in late January. And even if you think it didn't, do you know their record since that streak? 6-4. So in their last 17 games, they went 6-11. Wow, impressive.

I don't care if you even really think the Big East is that good -- after their embarrassing performance against WVU last night, they're an 18-14 team with an 8-10 conference record who deserves not a sniff at the NCAA tourney.

Go wake up the echos, yo. In the NIT.

Have fun, Scott.

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