Football on Hardwood

The Purdue Boilermakers men's basketball team scored 90 points -- their highest total in four years -- in steamrolling the Northern Colorado Bears last night in West Lafayette.

We've repeatedly...repeatedly heard about how Purdue's football program is "basketball on grass," despite the fact that nobody at Purdue has referred to the offense as such in about seven or eight years. (In fact, we might do a post at some point breaking down the run plays versus pass plays in recent years and you'll actually see more runs than passes, so shut the hell up, Mark May.)

Anyway, so I guess we're finally getting back to playing basketball on a basketball court (tm, Tim). The Northern Colorado Bears sound overwhelmed, including their coach, at Purdue's speed, size and hustle. Let's hope that translates to conference play.

I think I figured out why Matt Painter's (pictured above) team had trouble winning games last season. It can be seen in this quote from Painter after last night's win:

"Sometimes, you have five starters," Painter said. "Last year, we had two or three starters, and you've got to start five. Sometimes you have nine. If you've got eight or nine starters ... right now, I've got a good problem."

Gadzooks! There were times last year when we only had two or three starters out there? *slaps forehead* Why didn't we think to do a headcount? Come on, everyone! Coach Painter can't be expected to do everything!

I do see his logic, however. Imagine how dominant Purdue would be with nine starters out there! 9 on 5, I like those odds.

It's also interesting how Painter trails off and then says "right now, I've got a good problem." Is he taking some kind of natural male enhancement?

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