Maurice Creek Down Indefinitely

Maurice Creek of Indiana basketball fractured his right kneecap against Michigan over the weekend, which is the opposite kneecap that he fractured in December 2009. Goodness. That's a bit scary and freaky.

There's a certain strange symmetry to this injury and Rob Hummel's twice-blown knee ligaments. I guess what I'm saying is that for those who live and die with IU basketball, while we don't like you.... we can feel for you. This sucks.

And more importantly, it sucks for Maurice Creek. No matter whether you like a guy or not, this should not be something that you revel in or enjoy seeing. As we've said before, even when guys get hurt who we really don't like (see Evan Turner last year), we root for them to be okay and to get back to playing healthy.

So as Purdue fans, resist the urge to make remarks to IU fans. They're already suffering and this is an almost unfair blow. Sure, there were jerks who actually made jokes about Rob's misfortune -- but let's not be like them.

Be proud, respectful, sportsmanlike Boilermakers instead.

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