Why is Jon so pissed?

UND's D-Coordinator is a very good defensive mind...but is a very bad interview:

So why is Tenuta angry with the media? He's probably not, but he could be upset with these stats:
UND's defense is allowing 23 pts/gm...not horrible, until you realize they've given up a Purdue-esque 34 pts/gm the last two games.

Teams have been able to run and pass v. the Irish too- they've given up 159 yds/gm @ nearly 6.5 yards/carry. On top of that, their pass defense has gotten progressively-worse each game as the Irish are giving up about 100 yards more/game in their second and third contests. The average of 250 yds/gm is still respectable, but the trend isn't good for the Irish.

But the defense really isn't the story with this team- The offense is a mother, we all know that.
Clausen is averaging around 310 yds/gm with an eye-popping 188.6 rating and a 68% completion percentage. Even without Floyd, the Irish have great weapons- Tate averages 100 yds receiving/gm. Rudolph, their 6'6" TE gets about 53yds/gm and Allen is rushing for the nation's 15th-best 110 yds/gm.

Like Bolden, Allen is a bit banged up, but both should be productive on Saturday. One of the keys to me will be if anyone besides Bolden can get yards when running the ball...If Bolden has to run 25-30/gm, it's not a great sign for Purdue. I'd like to see Taylor get 10-15 carries and keep Bolden's carries below 20...if either or both can average 6 + carry, it's a very good sign for our Boilers...But Elliott, the receivers and the tight ends have to be on the same page too.

I look for Rudolph to get 100 yards receiving simply because Purdue struggles mightily against capable tight ends...So Adams and Lindsay have to offset that by having production all game in a similar fashion as they did v. NIU in the fourth quarter...Plus, Keith Smith simply must have a big game.

The stats say it's going to be a shootout...could be fun.

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