Coach Tiller Thinks About A Comeback

Grass don't grow on a busy street!

Oh, did that headline get you excited? Or worried?

Turns out, Cliff at Indy Sports Legends wrote a piece on how Joe Tiller thinks about coming back quite a bit, but then remembers how tired and disinterested he was by the end of his time at Purdue. Only he doesn't quite use those words.

Tiller is 69 now and is loving the life of a retiree, traveling the country, fishing, eating waffles at the local diner in Wyoming and, of course, giving his analysis on the Big Ten Network. And why wouldn't he? He probably enjoys reminding DiNardo and Mason that he's the reason they are in a studio now and not on a sideline. Who wouldn't enjoy that?

Tiller also thinks Coach Hope is doing a good job, so we'll know how his vote is cast when we set up our next Hope Satisfaction Poll sometime after Purdue's first hard-to-stomach loss in the fall.

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