Fact Fondue - Southeast Missouri

He smiles on the outside, but he's dead on the inside.

  • 2010 Ohio Valley Champions, they suffered at the hands of Ball State before winning the next 9 straight games.
  • Handled two weeks ago by Southern Illinois - who in turn was handled by Ole Miss last week.
  • Coming off a bye week, but haven't won after a bye since 2006
  • Founded in 1873, Football joined the FCS in 1991
  • The team had a strong showing in 2002, earning the #23 spot in the 1-AA polls; they also had their first win over a 1-A team that year: Middle Tennessee State
  • Typically schedule one major conference game each year, has been stomped by the SEC (Arkansas) and Big East (Cinci) on an annual basis. They are 1-15 against the FBS
  • In fact, the Ohio State Valley conference is 0-11 against the Big Ten all time
  • The head coach was our DE Coach under Tiller for a year
  • Used to be the 'Indians' until 2005
  • Rush Limbaugh's grandfather used to edit the school newspaper as a student there
  • Cedric the Entertainer studied Mass Comm there
  • They have 1 astronaut
  • The Golden Eagles marching band was invited to play in Edinburgh Military Tattoo in Scotland
  • There is a tree on campus that students cover in chewed gum as a tradition...
  • Total student body of approx. 12,000

  • The Fondue - Blood Fondue - Desert, not cheese; I'm gonna try to make them loosely related to the school we are playing from now on

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