How's the offensive line?

Please pardon me while I lose my impartiality. That is to say; bear with me while I angrily vent about a Cleveland sports team.

If the Browns draft freaking Brady Quinn then I am going to be very angry. Hulk smash type angry.

The last thing the Browns need is another quarterback! Address the root cause of the suck for once! They need an offensive line. Draft 7 offensive linemen! That way, then all of them get hurt while walking to the first practice of the season, you'll still have people capable of playing on the OFFENSIVE LINE!

In order words, take note: Your quarterback sucks. Your running back sucks. Your receivers suck. Your defense sucks. What do they all have in common?

Exhibit A: Quarterbacks. Your quarterbacks cannot stand upright for more than 1.5 seconds because THE OFFENSIVE LINE SUCKS!

Exhibit B: Running backs. Your running backs have no holes to run through and thus average -10 yards per carry because THE OFFENSIVE LINE SUCKS!

Exhibit C: Wide receivers. The receivers are just running track out there because the quarterback isn't upright long enough to throw them the ball because THE OFFENSIVE LINE SUCKS!

Exhibit D: Defense. The defense is on the field for 59 minutes a game because the offense goes 3 and out every single time. Why are the on the field for 59 minutes a game? Because THE OFFENSIVE LINE SUCKS!

I hope that you members of the jury hear the point that I'm trying to make. Let's all say it in unison...

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