An Iowa Fan And His Dog

An Iowa fan proudly brings his dog into a bar one fine Saturday. The bartender points out that he can't bring animals into the bar. The Iowa fan reminds him that this is Iowa. The bartender relents and goes back to feed his goat in the kitchen.

It's a September day and Iowa is playing a hapless school like Tennessee Tech or Louisiana-Monroe. Upon eeking out a victory, the Iowa fan's dog does a backflip and barks happily.

"Wow," exclaims the bartender, "That's amazing!"

The following week, the man comes back with his dog and the bartender greets him warmly. Iowa is struggling against Iowa State, as per usual, and in the end manages a tight victory.

The Iowa fan's dog does a cartwheel -- a literal cartwheel -- across the bar floor and ends with another backflip and then sings the Iowa fight song.

"That is incredible!" exclaims the excited bartender. "And all for just a win over Iowa State! What does he do when Iowa beats Minnesota for the Floyd of Rosedale trophy?"

"I don't know," admits the Iowa fan. "I've only had him for two years."

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