Theres no Matsuzaka in team

This is just amazing.

For the price that the Red Sox have agreed to pay just to talk to this guy, they could've fielded an entire staff. That isn't to say that I necessarily think they paid too much. If they can sign this guy for 3 years at around $9 million per year, I think they will easily increase their Asian marketing to offset the difference. There's also something to be said about preventing their rivals from acquiring his services. If he's as good as people say he is, then they may have a mini-Pedro on their hands. I'm not saying that he'll be as good as Pedro, because there a few pitchers out there that have ever been as good as Pedro, but if he can get them 15 wins a year, deliver solid marketing opportunities in Japan, and increase the overall worth of the franchise, then they may have gotten a good deal.

On the flip side, there was a 3rd baseman posted that the Indians were, and I quote, "bidding to win" on. It looks like Tampa Bay won with a high bid of $4.5 million. Way to go (*) Larry! You're bidding to win alright. What'd you bid? $14 dollars? All the Lake Erie water he can drink? Give me a break. You suck!

(*) Larry Dolan is the cheap ass owner of the Cleveland Indians and it has been scientifically proven that he sucks.

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