An Afterthought

In the wake of the Big Ten Pre-Season Media days for football teams and players, we know marginally more than we knew going into the meetings. But, one of the things we learned from Purdue's S.I.D. is that they're going to do their best in trying to make Curtis Painter a name that is in the forefront of the national consciousness...They really want to give Curtis the tools to win the Heisman if his play on the field puts him in the position to do so.

They did it before with Brees and then Orton...and I think they did a pretty good job. Both players were on ESPN doing individual interviews during multiple times during the season and the press guides prominantly displayed both players. Another part of the equation is the interwebnet...Well, check out Painter's website, which was put together by Purdue Sports...While you're doing that, I'll be watching a music video over here on BS.

Alright, first, you're welcome, second, let's talk about our alma mater's QB's site.

It stinks. It's almost like Burke has a 13 year old daughter who tinkers with HTML when she's not making friendship bracelets and she put it together...or that the office secretary was asked to do it as a favor the week before the Big Ten meetings. What's my point?

It's simple- our boy deserves better. Honestly, I couldn't find a site for UGA's Stafford and found nothing but fan sites for Tebow and the thought is good and nice. But, unless the voters for the Heisman are all middle-aged women, I don't think the site is going to sway too many of those in places of importance. Compare the style of Curtis' site to this site, which was put together by the same people. How about a cool intro, at least?

A little help here, Athletic Department!

This guy put together a site, probably on a budget similar to BS' and it's about as good as Curt's official site...and without the feminine font. No matter, I think Curt deserves something a bit more macho and manly to match his new hairdo. Let's hope his play speaks so loudly that the website will be rendered unimportant...because if Painter's expecting the site to get him over the top, we're all in for a long '08 football season.

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