BS Triva Contest Day 1: Win Tickets to Heart of Dallas Bowl

I love you, BS Ticket Oak.

[Editor's Note: This was supposed to post at noon, but Blogger is dumb. Our apologies. That is all.]

Today is Day 1 of our monumental gigantic modest giveaway of tickets to see your Boilermakers play in the Heart of Dallas bowl on New Year's Day.

We kid, but a Jan 1 bowl game is actually a fun experience as you're one of only a few programs left playing at that point -- no matter how you got there, you're there.

We wish we could also fly you guys to Dallas for the game, but since we're not totally loaded (or we're just not willing to share our riches), we'll give you free tickets instead.

As noted earlier in the week, the first two correct answers emailed to Boiled Sports at will win a pair of tickets each. (Since I don't trust the class to follow instructions, I'm actually turning off comments for this post -- an unprecedented move that maybe we'll make more often. Heh.)

After the click-through, you'll see today's question. 

Today's Question:

Who started at quarterback for the Boilers the last time they played Oklahoma State?

Next chance to win comes at noon, Eastern, tomorrow!

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