Early Monday Morning Items

Alright, I'll say what everyone's thinking...If it wasn't for the Red Sox dominant pitching, ridiculous hitting and pretty-solid managing, they'd be nothing! Sadly for the hundreds of Rockies die-hard fans out there, their favorite team ran into a buzz saw the last four games and the series was over before it started.

Congrats Chowds on your second World Championship in four years. A good friend of mine is a big Sox fan and has been his whole life. He literally gave Epstein, Francona and the rest of the organization a "get out of jail free" card for the next five years...and was still enjoying the afterglow of the last WS; I'm sure he and other life-long Sox fans are enjoying this evening/early morning. I haven't yet seen it, but is Papelbon doing a queer dance to celebrate this victory?

Hopefully, he'll keep on more clothing during the parade up the Charles. It might be a bit nippy afterall.

You Stay Classy, Patriots!
While the Red Sox celebrated winning a real championship, the New England Patriots increased their record to 8-0 by laying a horrible wallop on the Redskins 52-7. That sounds a bunch like the score when any D-I team (besides Michigan) faces a D-IAA team (besides App. St.). The only difference in this case is the players on both sidelines are supposed to be relatively equal in talent. While the Patriots are a great team and their coaches seem to be a step ahead of everybody they play, that type of score is simply ridiculous.

This game was a clear blowout, regardless of late-game play-calling, but do the Patriots really need to go for it on fourth down when they're up big? I know, I know, Patriots apologists will tell me that it's not an NFL coach's job to take it easy on another team, but it is his job to act like a professional not a teen-aged bully with a sling-shot. Belichick is and will continue to be a classless jackass. His cut-off hoodie and overall demeanor reflect that he has the class of a foul-mouthed 20-something Southie after 5-too-many Natural Ice beers. Way to keep your fans happy, ass-clown.

I can't wait to see the stupid level of build-up this week's mid-season matchup between the Patriots and Colts receives. Both teams are enjoying typical Patriots & Colts-type seasons...and after the game next Sunday, both will continue to play well. Neither will be eliminated and there will be a whole lot of football yet to be played. That said, I hope the Colts backhand the Patriots and remind them about the last time they saw eachother.

Best Finish Ever?
I just saw this play by a division I-AAA team that included 15 laterals and finally a run that scored the game-winning touchdown...Is this the most amazing play ever? I don't think so, but it's pretty damned cool.

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