IU Fans: Don't say you weren't warned.

Lots of people thought the hire of Kelvin Sampson was a bad idea...I never did. I'm all for Purdue's main rival getting into bed with a proven cheater...you know what they say about lying with dogs. But, I can understand how it grates on Hoosier fans to hear their coach called "Coach Sanctions" by a Purdue fan. Well, after this season, that nickname might not be enough to describe the coach. Sanctions just might be replaced with harsh punishment...problem is, that doesn't flow well with his name.

I guess I'll just continue to call him Coach Sanctions until the NCAA decides otherwise.

ESPN's Andy Katz reported late Tuesday night that the NCAA is going to get its list of violations...the hearing/penalizing of IU will occur in the later spring/early summer. You guys can't say we didn't warn you.

Purdue will get to play IU for the only time this season in a week (thanks Jim Delaney)...and I'm excited to see Purdue come into the home of the best team in the Big Ten and further their quest for a Big Ten title. IU has the best overall record in the league and just one loss, like the Boilers. But, I'm going to go ahead and believe ESPN when they say IU is the best team in the state right now...until its proven otherwise.

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