The Magical Return of SBF

So we got the following email last week from a Purdue student named Mike:

I love the blog and thought your coverage of this year in Purdue sports was high quality journalism. Also, I thought your analysis of the basketball season was spot on. As a sophomore in the secondary education program, I look forward to another year of mediocre football and high quality basketball complemented by someone who actually appreciates the Big Ten. However, your SBF posts got me through all my lecture classes in CL50 when I was hung over last semester. I've kept my trap shut thus far in the spring semester but with summer right around the corner and finals looming, I thought a few more SBF posts could get me through exams. Just a thought. Keep up the great writing and have a wonderful Easter!

Don't you like how he butters us up for four lines before really getting to his point -- that he misses SBF. Now, normally, I say hey thanks for the note but SBF was just one of our features and we like to do different things, etc, etc. But to tug at my heart like that, about getting through classes in CL50, etc. Well, I'm a sucker. And he probably works this same magic on his professors, too. (And for the record, if we'd had Internet access in CL50 when I was in college, I doubt I'd have ever heard a word of any lecture, ever.) And then he throws in a couple more compliments at the end.... okay, Mike, don't lay it on too thick. We know we're awesome. And your wish is thusly granted.

The NHL playoffs started this week and I've been a lifelong NHL fan -- specifically of the New York Rangers. So between that and MLB starting up, it's an exciting time for me, despite the lack of Purdue activity. So we'll dedicate this week's SBF to puck bunnies. Our first pic, above, is of one of the dedicated members of the New York Islanders Ice Girls Team, or whatever they're called. I can't decide if she's checking out her fabulous cleave or if she's checking to see if her camel toe is noticeable.

Next up is one of my all-time favorites, Elisha Cuthbert. Elisha returned to 24 this week, briefly, and has an affinity for NHL players. She's basically the Alissa Milano of the NHL. Just saying.

I am suddenly a fan of the Calgary Flames.

That's all for this week. So kick back, have a beer, watch your NHL playoffs this weekend and remember, be safe out there.

Sideboob Friday is a production of Boiled Sports and used to run every Friday in this space, but we got tired of the work involved and of being known as those guys who do SBF. So it went on hiatus for a while, but now it's back... to let you know... I can really shake it down. So do you love me? I'm rambling now. If you have SBF suggestions or commentary, send it to, with a copy to your mom. She'll be so proud.

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