Wednesday Basketball Gumbo

Terone Johnson
Gold and Black posted a video of Indiana Junior All-Star and 2010 Purdue recruit, Terone Johnson. He's a guy that has a lot of people in the national media pretty impressed. A kind of stronger, quicker Smooge, to put him in current Boiler terms.

Shady Business in Bloomington
For those of you not in the state of Indiana, you might not know a lot about what's going on at Bloomington South High School...well, you've come to the right place for your Southern Indiana High School basketball update. I'm kidding of course, but this is quite note worthy.

^^^^^no connection to Bloomington South Tomfoolery^^^^^

Two Tom Crean targets, one from the state of Illinois, T.J. Bell ('11), and another from Arizona, Matt Carlino ('12), have decided to transfer from their high schools to Bloomington South High School...I know, I know, how will their parents find jobs?? Well, it turns out, Bell's Mom was recently hired away from the women's basketball powerhouse, Eastern Illinois, to be an assistant at IU...And, I'd be willing to bet that there are some IU alums who own businesses down there that are hiring right now, and looking for a guy just like Matt Carlino, even in these tough economic times.

This story, to me, is all kinds of effed-up...but my IU alum friends assure me there's nothing at all unusual about two out-of-state kids, from different states, who happen to be IU recruits, landing in the same high school program, minutes from campus, and this is all completely normal. I guess I'll ignore all logic and go with them on this one.

He must be right...he is after all, an expert
ESPN's Andy Katz likes the Boilers quite a bit according to his recent mid-summer men's college basketball top-25 article. So let's look at who's in front of Purdue in his prediction:

-The always-loaded reigning National Champ Tar Heels, An uber-loaded Villanova team from the greatest conference ever, a Texas team that has a ton of talent (but will disappoint as UT teams usually do), a veteran-laiden MSU squad and the Kansas Jayhawks who return two players that many thought would be shoe-ins as high draft choices.

Purdue's in very good company...and right behind the Boilers, are the squeaky-clean Wildcats.

I think 7-10 is about right, for our Boilers, but most national sources think our Boilers are a bit better than I do, at this point. Regardless, can't wait until basketball season...(not that I'm looking past football season, but come on...)

Hey, I thought delusional talk was reserved for football...
Mike Brey is a a disciple of Coach K, that makes him a jackass, in my book...but he re-affirmed my belief by spouting off in typical UND fashion yesterday-

handsome, smart and a good coach

"If we could play in the Big Ten, maybe that would help us a little bit"

Indeed, coach. Last season, Brey's Irish were completely awesome...ranked high early in the season and boasting of one of the nation's-best players, with a ton of talent returning from a strong '07-'08 season, Brey's boys pooped the bed in '08-'09. But that's not the only story here...UND went 1-2 v. the Big Ten...and their only win came against the 11th-place Indiana Hoosiers. But, they played valiantly as they were in the path of a team of destiny, the National Champ PSU Nittany least the Irish can hang their hats on that loss, I guess.

Too bad that turtle neck-wearing worm won't schedule a game or two versus that team in West Lafayette...He could bring Scott, it'd be fun!

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