Donovan McNabb Fears For Tied Super Bowls

You've no doubt heard by now that Donovan McNabb and several other Eagles players didn't know that NFL games could end in a tie. In fact, in that linked article, Andy Reid (the coach of the Eagles) is quoted thusly:

"I've never been in a tie, so I don't know how this works in the standings."

It's always good to have your coach sounding this clued in.

But my favorite quote of the weekend isn't Donovan not understanding the rules... or even this gem:

"When the play was called, I kind of figured, 'I guess there's ties in the NFL.'"

I absolutely love that not only did Donovan not know the rule, he wasn't even aware of it until he's in the huddle before the last play of the game.

But no, here's my favorite from Donovan, who really shouldn't talk anymore:

"I hate to see what happens in the Super Bowl or I hate to see what happens in the playoffs. You have to settle with a tie."

Yes, that's a good point, Donovan. And someone from the league should look into that! Imagine the horrors... if the Eagles and Bengals were to meet in the Super Bowl and this were to happen. They'd have to share the trophy, the parades, the groupies.... half a championship banner. Oh, it'd be chaos, I tell you, utter chaos!

You'll have to excuse Donovan, though. When he was in the Super Bowl, he was busy being out of shape and puking on the final drive.

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