Handsome Win=Extra Handsome Hour 11/16/11

We've missed...come inside and get comfortable.

Our smoldering hate for Iowa is always bubbling just below the surface...just waiting to erupt. That passion makes us see red on a typical evening if we see the maize other gold and black combo...But tonight, we had to put the disdain aside for a bit to learn about our enemy from one of the jerks asshats hilljacks few good people associated with the University of Iowa; Patrick from BHGP.

After his visit, a member of the real media, virtual pal nemesis and IU grad, Derek Schultz,  weighs in about IU's meteoric rise to championship-level play on the hardwood...and we talk a bit about Purdue basketball as well.

On top of these two, a couple more of our pals stop in, and finally re-direct us toward our Boilers.

We talk about the big win over aOSU, what might happen the next two weeks, the low point versus High Point, hugging, the intricacies of humor and the OWS movement.

We bring it all to you because we want you to look as handsome to your friends as we do to you each week.

Get juiced...get amped...get Handsome...NOW!

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