Piss Off, Chris Spielman

Okay, so we weren’t saying a whole lot about this weekend’s Ohio State-Michigan tilt. We’re Big Ten alums and fans but not of either of those schools. Come to think of it, it’s got to be kind of hard to root for either of them – you can choose either the dirty program that gives cash, cars, homework assistance and other things to the players (Sweatervested Jim Tressel’s OSU) or you can choose the school with the most unfriendly, boring, grumpy old fart this side of Joe Paterno (Lloyd Carr of Michigan).

However, this morning, Chris Spielman (pictured) was a guest on Mike and Mike in the Morning (yes, I hate them but I listen because usually the guests are good) to discuss the OSU/Michigan rivalry. First Spielman made up some story about how his father told him he better go to Ohio State or else he’d be “a friggin’ traitor and not allowed to step foot in [his] house again.” Somehow, I doubt it was quite that dramatic, but whatever.

The real thing that pisses us off was Spielman’s parting shot, wherein he dragged our beloved Boilermakers into the discussion. His interview was over and they were ready to move on but Spielman wanted to take a shot at Michigan (very professional – I love it when these dipsh-t athletes get jobs in the media and forget that they’re not supposed to root for a team). So, to make his point about how Michigan football gets some recruits from the state of Ohio, he says the following:

“Do you know what Michigan football would be without contributions from the state of Ohio? They’d be Purdue.”

Oh, kiss my ass, Chris Spielman. We were standing back and letting you dorks argue over a rivalry that doesn’t even make sense geographically. Oh, and it’s interesting that Purdue is the equivalent of a joke since in 2004 (the last time the two met), the Boilers beat your Buckeye asses. In 2003, OSU squeaked out a last-second win at home against those lowly Boilers. In 2002, Purdue gave Ohio State its toughest test of their entire, undefeated national championship season, coming within one down of beating the Suckeyes. And if we go all the way back to 2000, we all remember Drew Brees lighting up the Mike Doss-led secondary of OSU to the tune of 455 yards and a victory.

So suck it, Spielman. You’re officially on our mortal enemies list.

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