Friday Morning Fun

JJ out, Ostrich in
The roster of 12 for the USA U21 basketball squad was finalized Thursday, and Purdue fans, we have good news and bad news. The good news is that the belief that Hummel is one of the most-versatile and all-around solid players in the college game is becoming more-true every six-months. The bad news is that JaJuan's shortcomings seem to have kept him off of this Team USA.

Bo Ryan said,

"I don't want to take anything away from the guys who didn't make it, but the 12 who are on the final list are the ones that if you look at the overall picture — offense, defense, rebounding, things like that — this was the 12 that stood out."

And while most Purdue fans asked at least one time during the '08/'09 season, "Why isn't JJ hitting the glass harder?" I think we all know the real reason why Ryan chose not to put Johnson on his roster- comfort level.

I mean, Coach Ryan, admittedly one of the best in the nation at getting the most out of a team, isn't used to having the most athletic big men on his, while he's right that JJ's still got some work to do make his game complete, he's still pretty damned good...and it's OK that he's not the type of player that Ryan likes to have at center.

Here's to JaJuan letting this minor setback motivate him to make a similar jump as he did in the off-season following the '07/'08 season.

Also, congrats to the Ostrich...stay healthy and kick some ass while in Europe, yo.

Two other BT standouts made the squad. aOSU's long, skilled SF, Evan Turner and PSU ultra-skilled PG, Talor Battle...also on the team, Washington F, Quincy Pondexter...His college team lost the last game they played to a bunch of lousy BT players in black and gold.

Roy Roundtree revisited
I just read that former Purdue verbal commit, Roy Roundtree was not on the two-deep chart at the end of spring practice at UM. That's good stuff, and big-time entertainment, if you ask me...especially when I look at what is currently on our Boiler's depth chart. So where would Roundtree be if he had stuck with his 4-month commitment to Purdue? We'll never know...but I can say this, I wish for Roundtree the same amount of success I wish to Scott Martin.

Non-Sports Awesomeness
If you haven't had the chance, check out the new Comedy Central Show, Tosh.O...especially his weekly Web Redemption segment...Sure, it's derivative of The Soup (fmr. Talk Soup), but Daniel Tosh is funny...and dumb people are funny...thus, this show is hilarious.

Real or Fake?

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