Kinda Like Old Times?

History repeats itself again as two of the most storied franchises will square off in the NBA finals. Sadly for everyone, Magic and Kareem won't be playing against Bird, Johnson & Parrish...I do think the nation generally was more interested in the rivalries between Showtime and the ugly C's, but that might be history shading my view of the situation. Those teams scored more points...and many might argue that the 80s boasted of more home-grown talent since players didn't move around as much, but that's not really the case.

The Lakers stars are Bryant, Gasol, Odom and Fisher. Compare that with Kareem, Magic, Worthy and Scott. Bryant was the only career-long Laker and this wasn't almost the case a year ago as he nearly pouted his way to a trade. In the same way, Magic and Worthy were both Lakers for their entire NBA careers, but Scott and Kareem both played

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