Larry Bowa Forgets He's In LA Now (and other baseball notes)

Continuing my lazy-ass habit of posting YouTube videos instead of original, creative content, I thought I'd share with anyone who didn't see it (which is most of us) Larry Bowa's first emotional outburst of the year, from last night's Dodgers victory over the Giants.

Bowa was the third base coach for my beloved Yanks' the past few years and is a fiery guy. He also used to manage the Phillies. So this guy is pretty intense to begin with and then he sprinkled on a number of years of Philly and New York redass-ness... and then he moved to sunny California to continue coaching with Joe Torre.

Seriously, Larry, it's sunny, it's LA, and nobody cares about baseball, especially in April and especially when the Lakers are doing well.

I also love it when coaches and players get violently angry when told to basically obey the rules. I've seen batters get thrown out for being told to stay in the batter's box and in this case, Bowa is apparently being told to stay in the third-base coach's box. He's already pissed that he has to look ridiculous and wear a helmet, and now you want him to stand in the coach's box, too?

All that said, however, I hate it when umpires incite near-melees. Watch this video and notice that Ump Ed Montague seems intent on continuing the argument even after he has A) ejected Bowa and B) several Dodger coaches are trying to keep Bowa from killing him.

In other news, the Yanks won the final home opener for Yankee Stadium. The immortal Melky Cabrera made two impressive catches and hit a home run. At the end of the game, Mariano Rivera presented the ball to Manager Joe Girardi since it was his first win at Yanks skipper. They laughed, they cried, it was better than Cats.

Everybody! Do the Melky!

In more midwestern baseball news, the Indians had an off day on Tuesday and the faithful who are freaking a bit about Victor Martinez didn't learn much more than that he's "day-to-day." But, then, aren't we all?

Victor Martinez is powerless against Juan Uribe's "Vulcan Ankle Tag" move.

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