Something Stinks In Bloomington (and it's not the football team)

Unclean!!! Matt Painter seen shortly after filling a prescription for penecillin

Later today, Kelvin Sampson & Rick Greenspan will try to alleviate some of the building pressure on themselves by making Asst. Coach, Rob Senderoff resign. The crack Boiled Sports staff told you that this wasn't over a few weeks ago when IU handed down internal punishments to Sampson...I still feel there's more to come for the Hoosiers in the form of punishment from the NCAA.

What I believe is going to happen is 5-star recruit and class crown jewel, Devin Ebanks will be forced not to attend IU since he was the receiver of the calls in question...and, Tyler Zeller seems to have grown cold toward IU in the wake of the rules violations. It looks like he's leaning toward UNC (edging out Purdue). Not to mention, Bud Mackey's off-court problems that forced IU to back away from him trim down this once-great-looking incoming class of '08. So, what has gone from a sure-fire top-10 recruiting class may fall into the 30s.

If IU can get out of this with just a mediocre recruiting class, they should thank their lucky stars...I think there are more violations here of which we are simply not aware. Afterall, if an intern could find that Sampson had circumvented the rules, I'm pretty sure the NCAA can find more, if that's what they choose to do.

The real cheater,
Rob Senderoff

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