Thursday Morning's 1 Minute Practice Report

-The team had a 30-minute, 50-play (or so) scrimmage in full pads, but spent most of the time "teaching" as a ton of guys are still figuring out their roles and where to be.

-Depth looks much better this year than it did at this time, last year. As a result, Hope plans on using starters on special teams more-often to get the most-able players on the field as much as possible. But, Rob Henry isn't playing special teams as much as in the spring and is "doing a great job at quarterback" according to Hope.

Hope sounds like he will be using quite a few linebackers on special teams because of that unit's speed/depth.

Wiggs has been kicking well...this coupled with a more-experienced bunch on special teams should help coverage.

-The drop off from 1-to-2 in the D-backfield is not nearly as drastic as in '09...Hope feels about 8 guys are vying for playing time right now.

-ATM, Pegram and Jackson were all mentioned by Coach Hope as having good days running the ball...and the running game looked better than the passing game for the first time. Hope attributed that to problems with protection and snaps not being where they needed to be.

2010 Purdue Football: Game 9

Thursday Morning's 1-minute look at practice