Coach Sanctions Quickly Erasing 50 Years of IU's Good Standing (CMigrator copy 1)

Well, it's front-page news now over at Kelvin Sampson has a new slew of violations, being termed "major," against him.

And while we all dislike IU here, I don't think you've ever heard us suggest their athletic programs were dirty... that is, until Coach Sanctions showed up and brought his baggage with him.

Sampson is known to have made almost 600 illegal recruiting phone calls while at Oklahoma and then, while on probation for that, he went and made roughly 100 more improper calls in his first year at IU. Solid!

IU has already done the old, force-out-the-assistant-and-let-him-take-the-fall routine, when Coach Senderhoff "resigned" his position in October. Now what?

"We are extremely disappointed in these new allegations regarding coach Sampson," [Athletic Director] Greenspan said in a statement. "To say the least, we view these allegations with grave concern."

Not good, IU, not good at all. Again, I dislike IU with all my being but when it's becoming clear that you always ran clean programs and that your reputation is being sullied constantly by an unscrupulous coach... well, what do you do? Isn't cutting ties with that coach a good first step?

Maybe Jim Harrick's available.

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