Friday Morning's 1-minute Practice Report

-It was the first two-a-day practice.

-In the morning session it was never cooler than 100 degrees.

-Team had a quick scrimmage and surprised the coach with their level of energy directly following a set of quick-burst conditioning drills. Running and passing game both looked good in the early scrimmage.

-The afternoon session was backed up an hour and moved closer to "supper time" according to Hope...and wasn't as consistent as the morning session. A short scrimmage in the afternoon had the offense looking strong once-again in the beginning, but the defense shut down the offense at the very end of the practice.

-Peters Drey looked good snapping the ball...only one bad snap in both sessions and Mondek looked solid v. Gooden and Kerrigan.

-ATM ran more physically, blocked better and finished his runs well.

-Waynelle Gravesande will be out for most of the remaining summer practices until the first game. Hope said he was the best at fielding the punts, but wasn't the best punt returner at this point...but will definitely be used on windy and wet days because of his sure hands.

Hope likes Edison and Ross at the PR far. It sounds like it might change as camp goes on, but Hope isn't worried about the position.

-Hope was pretty jovial in the post-practice interview...seems pleased with what he's seeing thus far.

(I'm out of town for my wife's Grandma's 90th this will be the last camp report for a few days. Have a great weekend.)

"That's Just a Matter of Time..."

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