It's Official -- LewJack Busted for Alcohol and Weed

As first reported here earlier today, Lewis Jackson was arrested on Easter Sunday after being stopped by police in Decatur, Illinois.

According to the Lafayette Journal and Courier:

Jackson faces four charges, including possession of marijuana, possession of drug paraphernalia, underage possession of alcohol and underage consumption.

Yikes. That sounds really bad, but as we often see, it'll probably just wind up being a probation situation. However, one could argue that some coaches would boot him for this kind of terrible decision-making. Naturally, we like LewJack and would love to give him another chance, provided he shows some kind of remorse and strives to improve himself. Because, much as we make light of just about everything, driving an automobile while impaired by drugs or alcohol -- especially when you're underage -- is really kind of inexcusable.

I think my instinct to give him a break is because he's young and we've all done dumb things when we were young and thought we were invincible. Let's hope this scares some sense into him. If not, and he gets in any more trouble, adios.

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