Let me get this straight, Roger...

So, now Clemens admits that he actually did have some injections in the buttocks (not from Andy Pettite), but absolutely not performance enhancers.

Here's his story (and he might stick to it)...He had injections of Lidocaine and vitamin B12...Why would he do that, here's why (clinically). He would have a Lidocaine injection for numbing of areas near the skin. Bruises and contusions might call for a lidocaiine injection. B12, on the other hand, is injected to aid the user in weight loss.

So, what were Rocket's injuries during the period when he played for Toronto? He had a couple that kept him out of the rotation- pulled muscles in his ribs and a nagging hamstring. Perhaps these injuries kept him off of his cardio schedule, so his weight became an issue, but Lidocaine? I dunno...

You be the judge, does this add up?

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