The Robbie Hummel Show

If you've been nosing around the interwebnets looking for updates about the World University Games team that Hummel recently made, you've probably heard a lot of what you already know.

Robbie Hummel is a good basketball player. SI, Sporting News and others speak about how solid Hummel's game is...and everything I've read talks about his shooting ability.

I think the repeating theme seems to be that even his bad shots are good shots. He hast the ability to square his shoulders when his body is going another direction and even his missed shots are not too far off. That makes everybody's job easier. But what really makes his team mate's jobs easier is the fact that he comes up with rebounds that no one else seems to be able to...he's smart with the ball and knows where everyone on the court is and what they're supposed to be doing.

Now, more and more attention is being placed on Hummel, the NBA prospect...and his size, length and skill are reminiscent of a lot of the Euro players that have thrived in the league. And while no one in their right mind would ever tell a player not to go pro if high pick is a possibility, I'm going to again ask a question to the Purdue fan-

What scenario makes the Ostrich going pro worth while?

My belief is that if our Boilers has the season that I think they will, JJ, Robbie and a couple others will have NBA scouts swoon. So, what do you think?

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