Weekend College Pigskin Round-Up

tOSU Still No. 1
Carr still Tressel's b***h

Jim Tressel and the Ohio State Buckeyes got out to a 14-point lead versus the University of Michigan Saturday in the nation's biggest rivalry game (did you know they were playing last week?). Despite a tough fight in the second half, tOSU held off the Wolverines and retained their grip on the BCS standings as well as every other pertainent poll.

After the dust settled, the votes were collected and the big-n-powerful BCS computer did its work, not much had changed. UM still trailed the Buckeyes...So will the Wolverines get a second shot at Ohio State? Should they? Whether they should or should not really doesn't matter, but, if USC wins out, all signs point to the Men of Troy facing tOSU in the BCS Championship game.

Well-Played, NJ State

The Rutgers Scarlet Knights fought valiantly (not really) against an extremely tough (not really) Cinci Bearcat squad only to see their faint National Title hopes get their national title hopes stomped out...Once again, a BCS conference team could have gone undefeated and not gotten a shot at a national title, but Rutgers made the BCS look just good-enough yet again. Sure, Auburn and others have already made a few cases against the piece-of-crap system that's in place, but Rutgers would have been another brick in the wall of the case against the BCS.

Thanks for nothing, Schiano, and Co.

Circus Comes to West Lafayette

In a game played on ESPN Classic that should be forgotten by everyone who viewed it, Purdue defeated IU to keep the Old Oaken Bucket (Purdue has won this rivalry game 9 of the last 10 seasons) on Purdue's campus for another year. That's not surprising.

What was surprising was the fact that both the Purdue and IU offenses/special teams units were replaced with clowns dressed in either black & gold or cream & crimson. The teams combined for 4 turnovers EACH in the first half and a blocked punt, each...the second half was a bit better, but still wasn't the best sales job for Purdue's football team to the bowl committee representatives that were present. Despite the poor effort, Purdue will probably be in the Champs Bowl on December 29th v. the fourth-place ACC team.

With nearly no one watching this coming weekend, and their bowl position locked, look for Purdue to lose a defensive battle in Oahu...Purdue 95 UH 115


Big Ten Clash